Scheduling Messages

You can schedule messages to send at a later date or time, as well as set a schedule message to be repeated.

Scheduling messages

1. Go to Bulk SMS and then click Send Schedule SMS.

2. Choose your campaign keywords

3. Select your SMS template

4. Select your sender ID

5. Select your contact type

6. Choose your contact list

7. Type your recipients numbers

8. Choose your message type 

These are the type of messages you can from:

  • MMS
  • Plain
  • Unicode
  • Voice 
  • Arabic 

9. Pick your schedule time, click on the “Send“.

Editing a Message schedule and the content of a scheduled message

You can pause, delete and edit message schedules, as well as edit the content of scheduled messages without having to start a new message cycle

Editing Templates

You can edit a template at any time by clicking the ellipses next to the desired template in the list, and selecting Manage from the menu: