How To Send Text Message Online

How To Send a Text Message Online

How to send text messages online

Smartphones can sometimes be difficult to operate and thus become boring. Small keyboards are uneasy, takes too long to type words, and very uncomfortable to send long text messages, there it is important to learn how to send text messages from your computer, iPad, or and device available. Not only that you can text a message online, but you can also organize your contact list and send one text to many contacts at once.

how to send a text message online

The best way to send text messages online from smartphone apps is through BubbleSend ) or Google Voice.

This works internationally and it’s very efficient and effective.

Steps on How to send text messages steps

With these simple steps, you’ll be able to send 160-character text (short messaging service) messages directly to a friend, family, or an associate.

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Read through the given information carefully to ensure maximum understands of the service and its merits.
  3. Create an account. This account will need to confirm
  4. Create a contact of people you would want to send the text to
  5. Write your message and Send.