Rich Text Messaging Features

With rich SMS messages you can completely personalize each page to your customer.

rich text messages

100% Customizable

Each message is an actual website page, allowing for complete customization to your brand.


Add Media, Maps and Icons

Personalize the page to match your brand. Add maps, images and icons specific to that customer.


Dynamic Data

Data fields can be added automatically so customized messages can be created easily


Call to Action Buttons

Include call to action buttons so your customers can easily respond, confirm or contact you.

What is a Rich Text Message?

A rich text website message is a text message with a link to a special website page.  This page is a temporary website page created by the Bubble Send system that is linked to your text message.  The page is completely customizable, and can be personalized with data specific to each of your customers.

Standard Message

sms no link

Rich Message

sms with rich link

Why should I use them?

Because it will save you money and look better.  Text messages are priced and measured in segments (typically 160 characters).  The shorter the message, the cheaper it is to send.  By sending the majority of your information on the rich messaging page, you can keep your SMS message short.  

With the customization and personalization available in rich messaging, you can present reminders, events and marketing beautifully.  Include maps, images, call to actions, and more!