Mass Text Messaging Service Provider

Mass Text Messaging Service Provider

Mass Text Messaging Features

Bubble Send is loaded with features to make creating, sending and managed your mass SMS campaigns easier.

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Bulk Tools

Quickly add, remove and import your data.

group messaging
Group Messaging

Send group messages using tag and attributing targeting.

Schedule Messages

Set up messages for delivery on a single or recurring schedule.

personalized messaging
Personalize with Templates

Personalize each message using a single template.

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Bulk Upload Tools

Bubble Send makes it easy to add your existing data to account using our bulk text messaging tools. If you have your list of phone numbers in an Excel file, that’s all you need! You can also add core data fields like first and last name, and the contact’s email address.To organize your data even further, you can also add unlimited custom fields and contact tags as well.
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Scheduled Messages

Schedule your messages to deliver automatically. When used in conjunction with a messaging campaign, your messages can be delivered at a specific date and time or on a recurring basis. With this flexibility, you can schedule all of your important text messages in your calendar at once

group messaging


Group Messaging

Send messages to your entire contact list, or specific people. Add unlimited custom fields and contact tags.  Send a group message using filters based on any attribute or contact tags.

  • Attributes Filters – select from any of the core or custom attributes and a matching parameter of “Equals”, “Does Not Equal”, or “Contains” (e.g. “State” equals “California”)
  • Tag Filters – Select from any of the current contact tags as a filter (e.g. “San Francisco” would return all contacts with that flag)


Custom Tags & Attributes​

Tags or attributes are data fields added to each contact record. These fields are completely customizable, and examples may include a State, business role, or customer type. Bubble Send makes managing these tags easy, with keyword searches and bulk editing. With the tags applied, you can send messages to specific users based on tag filtering.


Message Templates

Send personalized messages using a single template.  Include wildcard fields in your templates to automatically insert individualized contact information. 


Bulk Messaging API

Bubble Send has a robust REST API built to the latest open API 3.0 standards.  Using the API, you can add contacts, send and receive messages and create templates.  We also have Zapier integration.  With Zapier, you can connect Bubble Send automatically to over 1,300 of the applications you’re already using today.  Popular connections include Salesforce, Hubspot and the full suite of Google products.

Additional Learning

What is mass texting?

Mass messaging, often also called bulk SMS, is a way to communicate by sending single text messages to thousands of contacts at once.  This is accomplished by using a web-based messaging provider, like Bubble Send.  The benefit of using a web platform to send your SMS is that it’s designed with tools to make this process easier.